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Energy Trading

Royal Capital Pro is one of the most important broker companies which provides vast services for traders, especially in the direct oil markets. Royal Capital Pro is considered one of the leading companies in this area, for its great achievements, quick performance and effectiveness in the execution of transactions.

Oil and Gas are the most actively traded in the world

There are a number of factors that drive the volatility of the oil market. The primary reason is the huge demand for oil as fuel and in various industries. Supply and demand is crucial for determining the oil price – particularly as the yield from certain major oil fields declines. Political instability can also influence the oil prices. Some of the main oil production centres are in unstable regions and this can affect production. Market sentiment is also hugely influential on the oil price – particularly in terms of short-term speculation, which accounts for most oil trades.

Trade Oil and Gas CFD’s

One of the main advantages of trading commodity CFDs (Contracts for Difference) with Royal Capital Pro is the flexibility and freedom offered to you, as a trader. With CFDs, you can trade crude oil and other energy products at live market rates, without any of the fees or complications associated with trading directly in the oil futures market. You can buy or sell short without any restriction and without paying a fee. You can put your analysis into action whichever direction you think the market is headed. You can trade using the easy-to-operate MT4 platform, complete with the most advanced CFD charting tools and indicators.

Because of the dependence of the U.S and the world economies on energy, oil prices and currency prices have a direct and two-way relationship. The more currency outflows from an economy, the weaker its currency tends to be. And in the case of the U.S., which is a major importer, oil purchases abroad are a large cause of currency outflows.

In recent years, oil imports have accounted for as much as 40% of the U.S. foreign trade deficit.The strength of the USD can also have an impact on global crude oil prices. Thus, currency traders can frequently gain an edge in the market by following news on U.S oil supply and demand, production, consumption and oil reserve levels. The only difference between this type of trade and trade in other currencies is that it is associated with a certain period of time to carry out the transaction in order to make new ones. Here comes the importance of choosing Royal Capital Pro as a commercial broker to carry out transactions for the big facilities it offers for trading.

The energy is traded through contracts, where the price difference between the maximum and minimum in the buy/sell measure depends on the chosen method for trading. Power is trading in the futures contract market, the same way as CFDS in the market.

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